Bolton Funding is a real estate investment firm based in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. We offer profit opportunities for investors, flexible solutions for homeowners, and a variety of choices for future homeowners.

I'm an investor

As an investor, you can sign up to be added to our Preferred Buyers List and get access to premium properties to “fix-n-flip”, invest in an upcoming rehab, or hold for cash flow. Our Preferred Buyers receive information on profit opportunities first-hand. Realtors, send us your upcoming properties to receive an offer before it even hits the market!

I'm a homeowner

Find out how easy it is to be relieved of foreclosure debt or an unwanted property. We offer flexible solutions to owners looking to sell. Our most popular solution is our All-Cash Purchase which includes purchasing your property for cash with absolutely no fees or commissions on your part and we close on a date of your choice.

I'm a future homeowner

We know how hard it can be to find the right home for your needs so we take the stress out of the home search. Our property inventory gives you a variety of choices throughout the DC metropolitan area. Whether it’s a main home, vacation property, or investment property, make our inventory your first stop. Looking for something specific? Let us know.

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