banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins no egg

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banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins no egg

I live with 3 boys that are bottomless pits, and 2 days is about as long as I can expect a batch of 12 muffins to last. Double Chocolate Banana Muffins. by Deantini (8) Healthy Oatmeal Banana Chocolate Muffins. by Charishma_Ramchanda (165) Low Fat Chocolate Banana Muffins. These quick and easy one bowl banana oatmeal chocolate chip muffins are tender, hearty, moist, and packed with banana flavor! by LeeDelaino (9) Triple Chocolate Banana Muffins. Recipe by PjD25361. Breakfast will be taken care of for the next couple of days by making this quick and easy recipe for oatmeal banana chocolate chip muffins. Almost Chocolate " No-Egg" Banana Muffins. by 89240 (6) View All Recipes I Want to Discover. Maybe some of you can relate.

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