winchester model 70 270 wsm review

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winchester model 70 270 wsm review

So I won’t be running down the exact differences between the Model 70 and the Winchester XPR rifle. I am partial to Winchester. My Model-70, 270WSM will never go away. Aug 16, 2018 #10 M. mtguy Active member. Winchester intended to release the 270, 7mm, and 300 WSM cartridges and rifles at the same time. Fueled by vengeance, I marched home and asked my dad to take me to the ranch that weekend to shoot my first deer. The action has some design similarities to Mauser designs and it is a development of the earlier Winchester Model 54, itself based on a Mauser 98-type action. A friend has a new, never fired, Winchester Model 70 Super Shadow in 270 WSM. Posts: 830. #9474258 01/02/15: Joined: Jun 2009. Now September of 2016 I picked up the Winchester and jokingly said to the owner I will give you $500 for it ,So I was now the new Owner of a Winchester model 70 Coyote lite 270 WSM blued action 24'' SS tube and B&C stock. Free FedEx Option* ... Payment Options/Cancellation Fees Shipping & Returns State Restrictions Warranty Team Buds Recent Reviews. 5 out of 5 star rating (2 ... Browning AB3 Hunter, Bolt Action, .270 WSM, 23" Barrel, 3+1 Rounds. That is a savings of 11⁄4 pounds for the matte-blued model over the original Model 70 Coyote. I was thinking with the newer 145gr ELD-X factory load it could be a pretty flat shooting, wind bucking mid-range round that doesn’t come with the kick that stepping up to the .300mags come with. Older ones have nothing but positive reviews. Campfire Regular. through the years, including the Winchester Model 70 and Ruger No. Winchester announced the venerable Model 70 Feather-weight along with the new .308 Winchester cartridge in August 1952. At about 75 yards, I tried the Winchester Model 70 .270 on a ‘STOP’ sign, and I aimed in the middle of the O, and I shot about 1″ low and 1″ left from the middle of the O. I like the Winchester Model 70. Kicks about like a 20 gauge. Winchester’s engineers got it right when designing the Model 70 Coyote Lite. But shortly before they were released it was discovered that 270 WSM cartridges would chamber and fire in 7mm WSM rifles. They decided to hold off on introducing the 7mm version until the design was tweaked to prevent this. I am very interested in the model 70 ew. Winchester Model 70 Shadow 7mm WSM for $350 ??? The .270 WSM sits roughly halfway between the .270 Winchester and .270 Weatherby Magnum in power. The Model 70 is originally based on the Winchester Model 54. Model 70 Ultimate Shadow 03/22/2011 10:17 PM The Winchester Model 70 Ultimate Shadow is a bolt-action hunting rifle chambered in 12 cartridges, including three Winchester Short Magnum calibers. Just sold the Model-70 win. mailmanmark OP. OP. It is probably equaled only by the Mauser 98 as a revered icon among bolt action rifles. Upstate NY. Winchester Model 70 .270 for sale and auction. Tube Mount Winchester Model 70 Winchester Short Magnum One Inch $ 41.83 (0) ... A-Zoom 270 WSM PRACTICE AMMO 2PK $ 7.21. Choose Options. The rifle is several years old but, never fired. And quite a few more with custom builds on Model-70 actions. Do you feel that this is a good price? Winchester - 264WM - Model 70 Featherweight Stainless Dark Maple - Satin finish AAAA Dark Maple stock/Matte Stainless, 24"Barrel, 3round Hinged Floorplate, Mfg# 535236229, S/N 35GZP10333. With a set of 30mm Talley rings made for the venerable Winchester Model 70, we mounted a Leupold VX-3i LRP 4.5-14×50 riflescope with their Impact-32 MOA Reticle.. I’m not a Winchester Repeating Arms Model 70 historian. I love that thing! 300wby to my buddy so I could get a 300wsm, & afford to shoot more often. With web pricing currently running in the $450 to $500 range, the Winchester XPR isn’t the category’s least expensive, but it is the only one that comes with brand equity going back to the Model 1894 lever-action, an affordable deer rifle in its own right. There's quite a few of us using Winchesters. The 270 Winchester Short Magnum or 270 WSM is a short, unbelted, magnum cartridge created by necking down the .300 Winchester Short Magnum and fitting it with a .277 caliber bullet. My buddy let me shoot his 270 WSM. Questa cartuccia è derivata direttamente dal suo fratello maggiore, il 300 WSM, restringendo il colletto fino a .277. The Winchester Super Grade is a premium version of the Model 70 that actually predates the model entirely. The 54 was offered in premium grade versions with a variety of factory customizations and a standardized set of upgrades became known as the Super Grade. The Winchester Model 70 is one of the best known rifles in the world. Winchester may have labelled this Model 70 the Coyote Light, but I see it as being much more than a mere predator rifle. Just more than 90 years ago, the .270 Winchester cartridge—commonly abbreviated “.270 Win.” or referred to simply as the “.270”—was introduced in the Model 54 bolt-action. Winchester Model 70 chambered in 270 Winchester Short Magnum. The correct name for the cartridge, as listed by the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute (), is 270 WSM, without a decimal point.It is a member of the Winchester Short Magnum family of cartridges. Thanks. ... That is the reason Winchester Repeating Arms has teamed with them over the years to produce our finest specialty rifles. My favorite .270 rifles today are a Model 70 Featherweight built by Winchester in 1959 and a Remington Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle with a 24-inch barrel. Introduction: The Winchester Model 70, an American Icon The Winchester Model 70 was, and still is, a different rifle for different people. The Model 70 is my bluebird weather rifle, and the Model 700 is for rainy-day hunts. Sell your Winchester Model 70 .270 for FREE today on GunsAmerica! Partners . Looking for some pros and cons of the .270 WSM for those that have spent some time with this round. The main reason was the calibre as I wanted something with reasonable power and had a 270 WSM (Winchester Short Magnum) on my ticket. Item currently sold out . E’ un calibro molto giovane, si pensi che il suo debutto in commercio è stato nel 2002, dalla famosa casa di cartucce americane Winchester. Winchester's engineers got it right when designing the Model 70 Coyote Lite. This lightweight weighs 7 pounds, 8 ounces for the matte-blued model or 7 pounds, 12 ounces for the stainless (except .325 WSM, which is 7 pounds, 8 ounces). 270 because it has a longer barrel than the Rugers, but I can not zero it to Sub-MOA. $1,899.00. Posts: 830. When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select, ... Remington Model 700 SPS, Bolt Action, .270 Winchester, 22" Barrel, 4+1 Rounds. Seasoned riflemen will appreciate the simple, flowing lines and stellar value of the Model 70 Super Shadow, ... 270 WSM • 24" 7mm WSM • 24" ... 275 Winchester Avenue Morgan, UT … The Model 70's immediate predecessor was the Model 54. Item currently sold out. With few changes to the overall gun in decades and a nearly unbroken run of production, Winchester has perhaps created one of the most recognizable firearms in history with the model 70. The Moa trigger was horrible so I … Mag. It utilizes many of the Model 70’s features, such as the pre-1964 style of controlled round feed with a claw extractor, the forged steel receiver with an integral recoil lug, and the MOA trigger with zero take-up, zero creep and zero overtravel. Hand loads and more especially the Hornady Light Magnum loads for the .270 Winchester can come close to .270 WSM velocities however, the WSM is able to achieve its goal velocities with relative ease. Upstate NY. I go back with the Model 70 Winchester 15-years, as it was the centrefire rifle I decided to take to Africa in 1995 for my first safari. The Model 54 was produced from 1925-1936. XPR–A Successor To The Model 70. The Winchester Model 70 is a bolt-action sporting rifle.It has an iconic place in American sporting culture and has been held in high regard by shooters since it was introduced in 1936, earning the moniker "The Rifleman's Rifle". The Winchester model 70 bolt action is perhaps the quintessential classic bolt action in America. Joined: Jun 2009. Any reviews on this particular cartridge in this gun? You'll be fine with a Winchester. The Model 70 Featherweight was initially advertised at 6.5 pounds—the standard Model 70 usually weighed 7.75 to 8.0 pounds. The Model 70 brought together elements of the Mauser 98, and Continue Reading This carried over to the Model 70 when it was introduced in 1937. Campfire Regular. Winchester Model 70 Coyote Stainless Laminated Rifle in .270 WSM Caliber w/ Leupold Bases & 1" Rings ** Scarce Winchester Model 70 Model ** Description: The American-made Winchester Model 70 Coyote Stainless Laminated Rifle was manufactured for only 6 years between 2000 and 2006 in New Haven, CT. Uno tra questi è il 270 WSM. Then in 2001, a new caliber was introduced by Winchester that really caught my attention: the 270 Winchester Short Magnum. Thought I would run this by the members on here as I know they are savvy on matters like this. For some it represents one of, if not the greatest American rifles ever created because of the practical elements of its design. The Model 70 Extreme Weather Stainless utilizes a Bell and Carlson™ lay-up composite stock that provides a solid feel and features trim and lightweight ergonomics. Buy a Winchester Model 70 .270 online. Although there have been various rifles chambered for .270 Wby. mailmanmark. Winchester’s Model 70 Featherweight was designed to be easy to pack during a long day in the field while both looking good and providing very good accuracy.

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