xitsonga names and meanings

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xitsonga names and meanings

Largest collection of zulu boy names, zulu boy names and meanings, zulu baby boy names. yingisani-listen ts (Varhoma 3:24-26, Bibele ya Xitsonga ) Xana leswi swi vula yini? Traditional Xikhongelo name Xikhongelo, meaning ‘prayer’, is a constant reminder to parents that they should never stop praying to God. It’s only now that I find people with my name, and they are all younger than me! And surnames are never used to address someone formally. Miehleketo How unique is the name Xitsonga? Tiko matimba-powet, Loving all the names that you are putting forth, keep them coming, Xigwili-Wealth(Rich) msola Ngwazi – Champion Make name word search puzzles for baby shower games, and anagram names for twins. Tsundzuka NDZALO . vunwe A functional equivalent translation that communicates the meaning and style of the original texts. Parents who wish their children to grow into a wise and intelligent folk often name them Drondro, a Xitsonga name meaning ‘pool of knowledge’. It’s time to pick something as unique as Nyeleti for your daughter. mphephu In South Africa, Fikani is one of the biggest baby name hits. khavisile-beautified defender of mankind. Ahlulani, Meaning ‘separating the good from the bad’, would make an inspirational name for your son. safareka Parents often select this name with the hope that their son will reach a high level in whatever he endeavors. xinyeketi Amukelo – Acceptance, Nikombela kupfuniwa hi meaning ya khanani, Hi guys, I love the name Muhluri and Unahina, I recently named my brothers new born baby langavi and everyone in the family loved it. Vangama – Shine This moniker is gaining momentum with every passing year and is expected to cross over the continent as well. NTSAKO Vo sesi na vo buti Lol, Nkhaviso- decor Kwetsimani khazamula 1.Nkahlulo magwanyani, 🙂 , ni tela hi nwayitelo loko ni hlaya mavito lama mi wa tsaleke, Yhoo mavito lama ma deep jhoo Ntokoto-Experience Xitlhavangoma, meaning ‘the first initiate’, is one of the initiation names in Xitsonga language. Khanimamba Sagwati wahina – Ours Ntikelo – heavyness Xivumbeko A perfect example of a politically inspired name. Find zulu boy names list. Sirhelelani, wow such a nice names and i’m proud of being Tsonga girl, Hi khanyisa,my name is ndivhuwo and I will love to name my child khanyisa however I don’t know the meaning.please help, ooh wooow i love the Tsonga names can i have more names, Nhlulo Here are some of the most beautiful and popular South African names and meanings: Common South African names. I wanted to look at beautiful and unique Tsonga baby names for boys and girls, for those moms-to-be who may need help in choosing beautiful Tsonga baby names for boys and girls. ntsakisi Greek. Below is MomJunction’s collection of unique and traditional Ethiopian baby names. hlupheka madala Rinoko-atention buti Oarabile Tsonga people are very protective of their family. ndzalo Xihluke – to bloom. Multiply (The Good) Andzani – Unisex. bekazi For the nickname, you can pick sassy and fashionable, Noni. Ndzalo – Abundance Nkateko – Blessing. Please guys, ni pfuneni hi mavito ya saseka ya vana. XITSUNDZUXO Nhletelo, Vutshila means Art. Meaning ‘accomplish’, Kotani carries an imperial resonance with itself without sounding arrogant or over dramatic. NWAYITELO, NDZALO Some of our favorite Xitsonga names are Akani, Bombisani, and Horisani. RHULANI: BE PATIENCE, Xiluvelo – Throne XIKOMBISO Ndzalo-Abundance Ndzhaka – Inheritance Khelina, Guy can u pls help me abt Omphile n Lesedi I want it with Tsonga pls, HLAYISANANI -take care of each other Lerato. This moniker is likely to retain its popularity for centuries to come. Hopes, wishes for the child, and traditional beliefs are also taken into consideration while naming. Unahina 77 Traditional #Ethiopian #Baby #Names With Meanings : They use their father’s first name as their last names. Parents pick this name to remind the child of the suffering period. Nikiwe Search a list of Tshivenda baby names and Meanings from ThisisMyBabyName.com One thing I have noticed about South Africans is that most people have different names with the same meaning in our different 11 languages. Reese is the phonetic spelling of the unisex Welsh name meaning ardor." In Xitsonga language, Sana means ‘warm sunray’. Ahlulani, meaning ‘separating the good from the bad’, would make an inspirational name for your son. We feel that Akani, meaning ‘to build’, has the potential of following the fashionable footsteps of Amani or Amari. ntalo Vuthlari-Knowledge grid_on: Chese: Dyondza hi miehleketo ya wena: Dating: Learn with your heart. Khanani – Be happy In South Africa, in particular, among the Tsonga people, children born in the year 1976 were often given names related to the Soweto students’ protests. Get updates delivered right to your inbox! en Whereas the name Jehovah appears in the King James Version and other Bible translations, some prefer to use the name Yahweh instead of Jehovah. Munene Makungu- plans, Hello everyone, this site is helpful, I am pregnant and my husband is Tsonga, we have been playing around with so many names and I find it because I am Xhosa, some of the names are difficult to pronounce, what would Philasande be in XiTsonga, Philasande – To live and prosper (expand). Vukona Tsonga name Xaniseka is given to children who are born under severe conditions. The name, meaning ‘suffer’, will always remind the child of the hard times his family faced, motivating him to work harder. gavaza Vunene Vutlari Fumani . . . vutivi-knowledge Kwetsima – Holy Kwetsimani khomanani – unite, Nhlelo ntsakelo . Ndzima Tiyiselani chuchekani All Xitsonga Names. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Xhilaveko A boy with this name is sure to grow up into a confident young man. Save names you like to your to your “Favourites” and review them later(don’t forget to bookmark us!). The unisex name Nhlamulo, meaning ‘answer’, is given to a child born after many years of marriage. Hlaysiseka, meaning ‘be safe’, is a handsome Xitsonga name with an attractive and brisk sound. Nhlamulo XIKONGOMELO NSOVO This dynamic translation of the Bible was first published in 1989. The name “Tsonga” is the root of Xitsonga (culture, language or ways of the Tsonga). rixongile-he`s handsome Hiakile- we built Xitsonga. The girl who’s bestowed with the ancestral name Nyakwavi has the obligation to look after the ‘ndhumbha’, a hut made for the ancestors. Ntsumi – Angel Nyakwavi means ‘the one who takes care of the ancestors’. matanato Another beautiful and inspiring Xitsonga baby name to bestow on your daughter, Fanisa means ‘exemplary’, which every girl should be in her own way. Cheetah Tsundzuka Nkheto Ndzalama. Hetisani – Finish up what we’ve started. NSUKU tsemisa The name you give your daughter will help shape the woman she becomes. Hundzukani Male. xilaveko vun’we It will teach him to follow the right path and remind him that no matter how tempting it looks, he must never give into evil. NTSAKISO Submit … To win; Kulani - Grow; Kurhula - Peace; Magezi - Xitsonga traditional name; Makhanani - Joy; Makungu - Plan; Malwandla - Hospitality; Mamayila - Xitsonga traditional name; Masana - Sunrays; Masingita - Miracles; Matimu - History; Mbhoni - Witness; Mhakamuni - Affair; Miehleketo - Thoughts Saseka Mikhenso masingita-miracles Build. Tiyisani xiluva-flower ra pfumela. It seems that Sana is famous everywhere in the world, even in South Africa. It means something like Nhenha or Nghwazi, but I will try and find out for you. Bindzulo – Unisex. Male. Nhlalala – Honey bird Zama- Try Ntshovelo It’s strictly associated with the Chauke clan and cannot be given to boys of any other clan. Vukona Tshembekile Lunghisa ngondwani Parents who are blessed with a newborn after the death of a number of children may name the child Telakufa, which means ‘come to die’. Vatsonga believe children live up to their names, “vito ra landelela” – a good name is a blessing. Xitsonga names are truly beautiful and meaningful, What does Vukosi mean? Andziso – Multiplication Can somebody please tell me the name “Mighty” in xitsonga? It even inspires the child to become just like his mother. Accept/Recognize. Ntsumi-Angel Mufuwi dzunisani-praise Kutsula – Redeem Adah, a Biblical name pronounced AH-dah, is a fresh choice with deep roots." Someone from Tsonga is called Mutsonga. Relebogile – Hikhensile Nhlalala – Honeyguide AKANI It is an analysis of the historical movements and cultural significance of the Vatsonga people of Southern Africa. So this name is a form of prayer, hoping that it will protect the child from the evil spirits. Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, Polokwane, East London, Bloemfontein and throughout South Africa . Minkateko XIKOMBISO Search a list of Xitsonga baby names and Meanings from ThisisMyBabyName.com Mixo NDZALAMA Nhlavutelo-Revelation Vukarha- hug, Nkiyasi Andzani – Multiply The moniker Ndzivalelano, meaning ‘reconciliation’, is often given to children who were born at the time of a political alliance. . Lefase risima value Enelo, meaning ‘content’ is given to signify that women, or humans, in general, should be satisfied with whatever they have. You’ll never see a female dressed in a dull or simple way. N’wayitelo-smile , vuswikoti-ability/able, nsovo-grace , dyondzo-Education/lesson , xivuvutani- Hulunation , xingwavila-ring , khanyisa-light, javurisa- Happiness , Risima- value And in some cases, kids are named after their deceased ancestors to ensure continuity in the family. Sotho Baby Names Below you will find our wide selection of Sotho boy names and Sotho girl names, as categorized by our name experts research, our readers feedback and other sources. Ngetelo – Addition The present paper examined use of personal names and naming practices among Vatsonga in South Africa. It’s their passion and dedication towards their family, work, and everything they do. nhlaluko Khana is basically a victory dance performed by Tsonga people. Ahlulani:. Xikhongelo-prayer English - Tsonga dictionary online at Glosbe, free. Sagwati Talani, Khongelani – Pray I nkomu. Xitsonga names are not just mere tags but provide more insights into important social, cultural and political events at the time of birth. Alejandro. Spanish. Tsakelani 2. Each and every parent wishes for a long and fruitful life for their children. Inkomu for contribution ya nwina, Good Day, please help with the meaning of Makungu Nsovo -grace, Tsalwa – script/ures – Kuhumelela Ntsakelo – happiness Avelo Dzunisani – Praise. The complete Bible in Xitsonga (1989 Translation) with alphabetical names index, word list, footnotes and cross-references. Tintswalo, Nhlohlotelo-Encouragement They usually convey a message of some sort also. You can say that the name is a way of showing gratitude to the Almighty for giving them a new lease of life. Lulama, i love xigwili my son is xigwili beautiful name, Ndzalama Orifiloe This name is climbing places since a decade, and we don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Nsovo – Grace Letelani, WOW . lonene Lwandle – Sea This name can also be given to a child born to a single parent. Separate (The Good from the Bad) Alani – Male. Vutlhari Ndzalama, meaning ‘emerald’ has to be the least used gemstone name. Comments and insights on the name Swati Personal experiences with the name Swati Nicknames for Swati Meanings and history of the name Swati. Ntoto-Anointing Risimu-a song, ntikelo means valueable Risema/risuna -scent Let us know so that we can add to our list! Now her name is poised to take off ala Scarlett (Johansson) and Adele. Nhelo is a short and trendy Xitsonga name, meaning ‘selection’. This elegant and lovely name, meaning ‘miracles’ is well-used in South Africa. accessibility: Xivumbeko xa miri: Dyondza hi miri wa wena: Chess: Learn with your mind. Source of Abundance. The elders ensure that their family stays together no matter what. Tlangelani-celebration, Ntshembo_hope Hlanganani, meaning ‘unite’, is often picked by elders and name givers, believing that the boy will keep the family together. Fun Facts about the name Xitsonga. emoji_people: Mbulavurisano: Dyondza hi vanhu: Anatomy: Learn with your body. Ndzulamiso- correction Inkomu!! Dzunani may feel a bit heavy to the ears of an American, but we’re sure your child will grow into it. 2. In South Africa, the birth of a child is an event of high magnitude. – Mapapa nyakwavi Kurhula is a sensitive and soft baby name, meaning ‘peace’. Vukona-presence nhlamulo-answer Find Girls and Boys Tsonga Names with our online search. Mahlori XIHLUKU Vongani-Be Thankful, hi khensa mavito yo saseka swonghasi yanani mahlweni miya rhumela, i want to name my baby Mikhenso whether its a boy / girl, Ntiyiso- truth Sanskrit name for Arcturus, the third brightest star in the night sky. Ntsetselelo – Mercious Kgotlelelo – Kutiyisela Nkarhi NYIKO Gezani - Xitsonga traditional name; Hlamalani - Surprised; Hlulani - Win. MATIMBA Swati Mia Saini, American financial journalist. Xihluke But we feel it will gain traction soon. Khensani. mafanato Ponani, meaning ‘live to tell the tale’ is one of the traditional names of South Africa. Phamela Xitshembiso-promise This exotic and smooth Xitsonga name, meaning ‘heal’, is on the rise in South African regions. RITO Vuxa khatisa Kwetsimani-Glory Xitsonga, also referred to as Tsonga, is one of the 11 official languages in South Africa. miyelani Dzunisani NTOMBHI Danisa VULANI hlulani Kuhlula Hlayisanani Yimekani Mashuvana MUHLURI Vukosi Yes, we women strive very hard in life. nghamula Click on a name to read the meaning, popularity, pronunciation and other useful information. Nkuriso-honoured ntlhontlho So if your baby is due in October or in the Autumn season, how about naming her Nhlovo? It is possible the name you are searching has less than five occurrences per year. What’s the easiest way to showcase the pride you feel for your son? vukona; hlayisani, risima; risuna; rixaka; vutivi; lulama; Xigwili Olerato – Urirhandzu Many cultures believe that a girl’s name is a critical milestone that dictates certain paths they will take in life. Ndzaka Search for more names by meaning. Ntsakisi – Source of happiness Please can you translate the below names to Xitsonga. Out of 6,028,151 records in the U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the first name Xitsonga was not present. Lulama-righteousness You can even start with your name. Vuthlari-Knowledge Ukona The name is bestowed after the graduation ceremony. Reese: "Actress Reese Witherspoon had a highly visible year in 2019, between 'Big Little Lies' and her book club. ripfumelo-faith, AKANI Katlego (Success?) Mbhoni – Witness andzani Find the meaning of Tsonga Names for FREE. Andzisa – Unisex. Engetelo – Addition. Drondro:. Sky Dzanga – Unisex. This Xitsonga name, with South African language, means ‘beautiful’. Some choose to say it means a miracle, which is true, because I am truly one! Ntsumi, meaning ‘angel’, is often selected by parents to express the love and adoration they have for their newborn girl. A user from South Africa says the name Lulama is of African origin and means "Righteous in Xitsonga". Rifumo – Wealth NWAYITELO favorite: Ku humesana: Dyondza hi mbilu ya wena Lulekani vutivi-knowledge Web Design by Epyk Digital, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Google+ (Opens in new window). If you need help in choosing a Xitsonga or Tsonga baby name, you’ve landed at the right place. Dyondzani, meaning ‘learn’, will motivate your son to never stop learning. Nhlamulo Hanyani What does the name orifha mean in stonga. Fumani – Be Wealthy. nhleko xilotlelo-key, Hlekulani mfumo-wealth Maru Matimba, hikhensa swinene contribution ya wena! We won’t be surprised to see it cross over the sea and gain widespread success in the coming years. Here are 149 beautiful Xitsonga names you can choose from to bless your child; Anakanyo – Unisex. And if you’re already part of the Xitsonga group; keep making the circle bigger by choosing your favourite to name your child. Gain. Some people take their love for jewelry a bit further by naming their daughters Bombisani, which means ‘adorn’. Affective meaning is a complex issue in Xitsonga as it is not always clear when one should say that an expression is negative or positive in attitude. Ntsalo- writings 2. Ngetelo – Addition In South Africa, a mother who has lost all of her earlier babies can name the new born Nyamayavo which means ‘their flesh, their meat’. With this hope in heart, name your son Hanyani, which means ‘live long’. khensani Dumisani Nhletelo mutotosani ntsakelo 50 Exclusive Xitsonga Baby Names For Boys And Girls. Ntokoto Hitekani Nsirhelelo Tinghitsi The paper discusses the history of the Tsonga Her duties include cleaning the hut and keeping it well lit during the night so that the ancestors who come do not find their house in darkness. mabhuti Lefase – Misava Fikani means ‘reach a higher level’. Experience is Ntokoto, HLULEKANI:THEY FAILED 3. ukahle-good nhlamulo Hi. Do you know what makes women unique? The last time it was popular was in 1980s. So how about naming your daughter Hintekani, which means ‘strive’. 3rd Avenue, Arbor Park, Tzaneen, 0850, South Africa. Dumisani yi fanele ku va Dzunisani. Langavi is a South African Business Directory that aims to give businesses a platform to highlight their services and products, while helping them connect with their target audience. . Ukona, Beautiful names indeed. Hlurile – Conquered tshembani Xi rhandza This easy to spell and pronounce Xitsonga name will merge well with the trendy names of our generation. ANDZANI kwetsimani It means ‘pure hearted’. A regal name for your little prince, Vukosi means ‘royalty’. ndzalo mkhenso-thanks defender of mankind. Akani Akani Amukelani Amukelani Masingita Masingita Ntsako Ntsako Ntsumi Ntsumi Nyeleti Nyeleti. Ntalo What I love about Tsonga baby names is that they are deep, and they mean something. Ntsumi-Angel Minkateko-Blessing Rirhandzu – Love, Comment. Khongelani If you want a meaningful name for your daughter, Basambilu is the one for you. This lilting and rhythmic name, meaning ‘enrich’, has begun to catch on even with parents living in the urban region of South Africa. There’s an air of refinement, dignity, and sophistication in this name. Swati Reddy, Indian actress. Ntoto-Anointing Tshembile XITSUNDZUXO Amukelo – Acceptance. Mpimo nghunghunyani Dzuneko Mbuyelo Nyikiwa So, big ups to my parents for my awesome unique Tsonga name . This document is part of a series in the Digital Tsonga Productions research project. Vonivoni English was first brought to Great Britain by Anglo-Saxons in the 5th century in the form of Old English. YES . nhunhu Mhboni, meaning ‘witness’, has been around for ages, but did not become significantly popular until the turn of the century. Why pick the commonplace name Alexander, when you have a unique option, Mulweri, which also means the same – ‘defender’? What may be regarded as positive may in some instances be interpreted as negative, in other words, there is a fair degree of ambiguity with regard to affective meaning in Xitsonga. Masungulo Dutuva – Unisex. If you want a rare and unique baby name, meaning ‘blessed’, Katenani is the perfect one for you. XIVONI It’s an appropriate first name because of its stylish three syllables and cool ‘la’ ending. Malwandla Ripfumelo-faith Award-winning site offering 112,000 baby names and meanings from hundreds of origins around the world. Savata- day of sabbath Your baby's name is our business, AND we take that very seriously. sesi Xitsonga Names For Boys With Meanings: 1. Vunwe- Togetherness nsovo XIKOMBISO koka value, Shalati Your email address will not be published. Fumani-be rich They perform this dance at every joyous occasion, be it wedding, arrival of a newborn or the initiation ceremony. Ntalo So if you want a rare and uncommon name for your daughter, Ponani could be your ideal pick. Xitlhavangoma, meaning ‘the first initiate’, is one of the initiation names in Xitsonga language. Paseka- easter . Antswa -better Makhanani Xitsonga names are not just mere tags but provide more insights into important social, cultural and political events at the time of birth. The Vatsonga names are shared among the people of South Africa, and the Mozambique, Zimbabwe, and Swaziland who share a similar Vatsonga culture. Yinhla Maxangu, meaning ‘suffering’, is given to the girl whose mother was sick at the time of the pregnancy. Ntshembo Mikateko – Blessings Relebogile . Get Even More Visitors To Your Blog, Upgrade To A Business Listing >>, © 2001-2020 Blogarama.com   |   All rights reserved, Types of Kisses to Spice Up Your Sex Life, Best Low Acid Coffees That Won’t Upset Your Stomach, Top 6 PDF Password Remover to Unlock PDF Online Free, Interview with the legendary comic book artist and writer William Messner-Loebs. Tiyani I love the name and would like to name my child that but I’m not sure about the meaning, It means royalty or royal , some say it means King or Ruler, I love the name Tiisetso, and i need to know what exactly it means and if it is specifically for the girls or it can be given to boys as well. Tintswalo-Kindness Required fields are marked *. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. I love it as it encompasses all that I am. tsakane_happy Titayani, Ndzi kombela mindzi pfuna hi mavito yama ‘twins boy n girl’, Ntikelo – Value Ndzimana Tintswalo means ‘mercy’. The name is a way of recognizing the outstanding and immeasurable generosity and kindness of the mother. Hlekulani – teasing Xihlovo – Well Wow very nice unique names, I love it!!!! This lovely Tsonga name, meaning ‘happiness’, is often picked by parents to show their affection for their child. xilavi Mixo – Dawn Khanyisa – Brighten. In Xitsonga language, autumn is called Nhlovo. mdala This unisex name, meaning ‘poverty’, is given to a child born to the family living in poverty. Ndzhaka xiluva Please suggest some Tsonga names that you love. Or are you aware of any other Xitsonga baby name? . KWETSIMANI n’wayitelo-smile Ahe ,Please help What’s the meaning of Nhletelo ? Tiyekani Write them below in the comments box. VULOMBE Xongile NKATEKO mthavini Magezi(mgeza) DZINISANI, I want to name my child Tshembalithle or Tshembane, Vukosi-Royalty Rixile What I love about Tsonga baby names is that they are deep, and they mean something. Katekani NTSHUXEKO khayizeni Meehleketo – Thoughts Tsonga people, especially women, are very fond of jewelry and adornments. If you are looking for a beautiful baby names for boys and girls, and their meanings to get you started: So now, it’s your turn. This moniker appears to find favor with everyone, considering it’s one of the most used names in South Africa. mikateko Tengisa is one of the most common names in South Africa, primarily because of its meaning, ‘purify’. Keep them coming, Langani Amukelo – Unisex. Sweendlo Mano Dzuneka Nice names indeed. vutomi By naming the child Vusiwana, the name giver brings the plight of the family to others’ notice, hoping that they will come to the family’s rescue. Mintirho- doings KHONGELANI Cheyeza This short name sounds vintage and modern at the same time. dzuneko The post 50 Exclusive Xitsonga Baby Names For Boys And Girls appeared first on MomJunction. Imaginative. Rifuwo ntsetselelo rirhandzu, As far as I know, it’s just a name, but I will try and find out for you. Shongile – Beautiful Lwandle And to celebrate this happiness, they give significance to naming their children. XIHLUKE Tsonga (/ ˈtsɒŋɡə, ˈtsɔː -/) or Xitsonga (Tsonga: Xitsonga), is a Bantu language spoken by the Tsonga people. Ntokoto Some of the common Xitsonga names of the cultural group include Tswa, Tonga, Chopi, Rhonga, among others. If you are looking for a beautiful baby names for boys and girls, and their meanings to get you started: Xihlamariso – Extraordinary/miracle. I am extraordinary, which is what my name means. Ndzivalelano I derived from the word ‘rivalela, meaning ‘forgive’, which acts as a unifying force. XIVONO Xihanano- present, Hi guys this is wonderful what’s amogelang in tsonga. list your businesses here, © All Rights Reserved. ana Unahina-u’re with us Katlego Losa – Honour Respect Tintwalo-Kindness Forward names by Email The ancestral name Xinyori is given to a baby boy born in the Chauke family. KUHLULA Famous real-life people named Swati. ntshembo-hope Weird things about the name Xitsonga: The name spelled backwards is Agnostix. MAXANGU Maru – (Clouds?) Find historical and numerological meanings, user popularity ratings, birth trends, and games.Historical references include presidents, celebrities, and other famous people.

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